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The funding you need for an unrivalled ethical investment opportunity

Government-backed to secure high returns

A harsh reality of living with disability in Australia is that there are not anywhere near enough homes to suitably accommodate these Aussies. The Australian Government is committed to closing the gap when it comes to the supply of specialist disability accommodation (SDA), and through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), they are offering investors a generous incentive to build the houses that people with disability desperately need. The funding provided by the Government means investors receive an above-market rental income — achieving yields of up to 16%!

Higher Leverage

LVR up to 90% (incl. of LMI) for NDIS established and construction loans

Higher Valuations

Specialised NDIS valuers, returning much higher bank valuations than traditional valuers

Higher Servicing Capacity

Use existing or prospective NDIS income from the property being purchased or built for servicing, which results in a massive boost in servicing capacity

Everybody wins

Building a home for Australians with disability provides a desirable outcome for everyone involved. The NDIS participants — otherwise known as your tenants — get to live in a comfortable home tailor-built to suit their needs, while you — the investor — get to enjoy Government-backed income that is both lucrative and secure; Government-backed investments are among the safest assets around.

Disability woman happy for investmenting in NDIS property

What is the NDIS?

To support the millions of Australian’s living with disability, The Australian Government created the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The scheme provides funding for various support services that improve the lives of Aussies with disability and allows them to live an ordinary life — funding the cost of specialist disability accommodation is one of the areas the NDIS supports.

No Risk of Vacancy

Australian’s are forced to live in nursing homes due to the lack of SDA, so your NDIS investment property will never be left vacant.

Government Backed

The funding provided by the Government means investors receive an above-market rental income.

CPI Pegged Return

The rental income is pegged to the consumer price index, so your rental return will rise with inflation.

ROI 500% Higher

The generous Government incentive means your return on investment is around 500% higher than regular investment properties.

Ethical Investment

Invest according to your morals and ethics by avoiding socially irresponsible industries, and support fellow Aussies.

Choosing the right investment plan

Too good to be true?

Receiving a high rate of return while helping home people with disability might seem too good to be true. So what’s the catch? There are a few barriers that we, as NDIS Loan Experts, help you overcome so that you can take full advantage of this lucrative offering. 

Some common barriers that we help you navigate include:

  • Low LVR: Like with a commercial property loan, Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is unavailable. This means you will need to have at least a 20% deposit as the loan to value ratio (LVR) cannot surpass 80%.
  • Low property valuation: Lenders do not currently have a reliable method of valuing specialist disability homes. NDIS houses are specifically built with specialised features, so they cost more to build than a regular house. Lenders often undervalue these homes, which means your NDIS loan may cover 80% of the value appointed by the lender but not 80% of the actual cost — this can be overcome with a higher deposit. 
  • Underestimated rental income: Similar to the property valuation issues, lenders estimate the rental income based on market-value rent. They do not consider the Government incentive, so they deem the expected income to be lower than it actually would be. 

We connect you with the right lender, assess your existing equity and help you increase your borrowing capacity so you can overcome these barriers to NDIS investment properties. 

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