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Managing an NDIS Housing Investment: What’s Required?

Investing in NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) holds promising potential for property investors and positively impacts Australia’s society. Understandably, investing in such a unique and specialised form of property investment may come with some questions from prospective investors.

If you’re wondering what’s involved in SDA property management, keep reading as we cover off on what you need to know!

What is an SDA investment property?

Specialist Disability Accommodation emerged as a transformative outcome of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), offering purpose-built residences that cater to the very high support needs of Australians with disability. SDA residences are constructed within four distinct design categories, meticulously tailored to provide focused support for NDIS participants dealing with severe functional impairment and extensive support requirements.

The Australian government encourages private investment in NDIS homes, and as such, private investors are becoming increasingly interested in financial and social outcomes that an SDA home offers. Investing in the NDIS sector does come with some additional requirements and regulations to owning any other investment property.

Whether you’re adding an SDA property to an existing property portfolio, or investing in approved SDA housing for the first time, SDA landlords need to ensure that they have an SDA-compliant property, which means using approved SDA property managers.

SDA property management

Due to the specialised nature of SDA housing, and needing to comply with NDIS regulations, only an approved, certified property manager can manage an SDA rental property.

What does an SDA property manager do?

SDA property managers are also registered SDA providers (or work with registered SDA providers), which means that they:

  • Enrol your home into the SDA program and advertise the home on the SDA property market to potential tenants.
  • Source appropriate tenants.
  • Manage the tenancy agreements of the NDIS property.
  • Receive SDA funding and the reasonable rent contribution from the SDA participants on your behalf. This arrangement can aid in managing rental income and cash flow while minimising holding periods, potentially allowing you to sell the property if necessary.
  • Ensure that all maintenance on SDA properties is carried out by tradespeople who are registered NDIS service providers.

SDA property managers also:

Take care of your annual reporting

The responsibility of annual reporting, inspections, and compliance obligations mandated by the NDIS to retain property enrollment is overseen by the SDA property management team.

Take care of your NDIS portal registration

Your property management team can efficiently handle the registration process within the NDIS portal on your behalf, encompassing submission and management of your quarterly payments.

Let NDIS Loan Experts help you finance your NDIS investment property purchase

NDIS property investment has the power to significantly improve the lives of Australians with disability. Engaging a suitably qualified property manager is not only a requirement for SDA property ownership but can also offer numerous benefits to you as an investor.

The right property requires the right lending structure. To ensure that you have the most efficient financing solution for your investment in an NDIS home, speak to the team at NDIS Loan Experts.

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