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NDIS Loan Experts Testimonial

I’ve been interested in the NDIS-SDA program that the government implemented a number of years ago through collaboration between both the liberal and labor parties to see this come to fruition.

I think it’s a great program. I’m now moving forward into creating one of these properties, hopefully, to provide better living circumstances for Australians with less than desirable arrangements as a result of injury, accident or misadventure.

It’s great for the investor through the returns that are available. But more importantly, I think it’s great for all the participants who will come to live in those properties and enjoy a much better lifestyle when perhaps they’ve been living in institutions of various types, be it aged care or hospital situations that have been less than desirable. 

Moving through the property finance application process, I was put in touch with Yannick, who subsequently put me in touch with a number of their people. The normal prerequisite inquiry as to our financial situation was gone through in great detail, which eventually resulted in confirmation on their part that we should be able to proceed. They subsequently made an application. 

We provided the normal reams of paperwork and backup supporting data about our own financial situations or valuation on the land. The house package that was proposed came in at 100% of the contract price for the land and the house. Also, it’s at an 80% loan-to-value ratio for the financing of the land and house package. In light of previous experience, it’s quite a dramatic turnaround and a very amazing and incredible outcome.

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