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Is it Safe to Invest In SDA Housing During a Booming Property Market?

The recent spike in competitiveness within Australia’s housing market has done wonders for anyone looking to sell. But, it also means if you’re looking to buy (or build!) NDIS SDA housing, you’ll probably be facing higher prices. 

If you’re looking to help one of the thousands of Australians living with disability fly the coup to independence, funding your Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) investment property through NDIS Loan Experts can be the wind under the wings of those in need. 

How is the housing market affecting Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Not only are SDA properties experiencing continuing drops in their vacancy rates and thus more demand, but the booming residential property market is also snapping up vacant land, making suitable plots of land for SDA properties to be built, harder to find. 

Existing properties, which could be turned into SDA approved properties, are also facing fierce demand, with migration pushing property prices higher. Not to mention some of the older properties left on the market are so outdated that it becomes increasingly expensive to convert them into SDA approved (and, more importantly, fit for purpose) properties for the tenants who have such unique and specific needs. 

How can SDA property investment help?

The current housing market doesn’t need to push your socially focussed investment plans to the wayside. Here’s some food for thought to keep your SDA property investment dreams alive:

  1. You are protected from the bubble

The yield from SDA properties is typically higher than what you’d achieve from a standard rental property, backed by the government for the next 20 years, with greater certainty of tenant tenure. 

  1. Your property needs are unique 

Become an expert in the design categories and what to look for to satisfy each category. By doing so, you can become a savvy SDA property investor who can easily identify a great opportunity when it arises. As an example, there is little point in looking to build or convert an existing property for a Robust design home if your locale doesn’t have large acreage blocks. Creating efficiency in ruling out unsuitable properties means you can act quickly and swiftly once you find that golden opportunity on the market.

  1. You have experts by your side

A requirement of the SDA Design Standard is to engage an accredited SDA assessor at the design stage. Leverage this knowledge to analyse which existing properties on the market may be most easily converted or what features of a vacant block you should be looking for. You can narrow your search this way and pursue the property harder than you may if you were uncertain of its suitability.

  1. Your search field is Australia-wide 

People living with disability come from all over Australia. If you’re finding it difficult to source a suitable property in your desired location, broaden your search. Helping those in remote and rural towns adds real value where they may otherwise be hard-pressed to find support and assistance. 

With long term Government support and incredible returns on investment, you afford yourself the ability to weather the inflating house and land prices of today when you invest in an SDA property by building a brighter future. Let us help you help others by getting started today

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