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Should You Build an OOA Room In Your Specialist Disability Accommodation Apartment?

Onsite Overnight Assistance (OOA) is a major consideration for those looking to build specialist disability accommodation (SDA) properties. Given that several building types suit SDA dwellings, understanding your options and the specific design requirements of the four design categories is vital.

In this article, we discuss whether you should build an OOA room in an SDA apartment.

What is an OOA room?

Within specialist disability accommodation properties, staff members generally have a bedroom space to sleep overnight. This overnight support is referred to as either Overnight Onsite Assistance (OOA) or Onsite Shared Support (OSS).

Who needs overnight onsite assistance or onsite shared support?

SDA participants with significant personal support needs or line-of-sight supervision typically require OOA or OSS. Generally, these participants live in high physical support dwellings and fully accessible SDA homes.

High physical support SDA

High physical support homes are designed to be wheelchair-accessible and equipped with features like ramps, wider doorways, and accessible bathrooms to accommodate residents with mobility challenges.

The Fully Accessible design category

Fully Accessible housing is specifically crafted to support individuals facing significant physical impairments. Fully accessible homes offer an extensive array of physical access features aimed at aiding those who experience extreme or complete limitations in their ability to perform essential self-care or self-management tasks independently. Even with the incorporation of home modifications and assistive technology, individuals with significant physical impairments may only be able to carry out these activities to a limited extent.

Emergency power solutions, ceiling hoists and clear opening width doors are some of the structural provisions necessary in a fully accessible home.

Building an OOA room in an apartment

Many different dwelling types can be used for SDA properties, including apartments. However, unlike standalone homes, villas or duplexes, SDA apartments are typically designed as 1-bedroom for 1-person, 2-bedrooms for 2-SDA eligible tenants and 3-bedrooms for 2-SDA eligible tenants. In an apartment setting, the OOA or OSS is always a separate apartment or another office within the same apartment building and cannot be the third bedroom in a 3-bedroom for 2-SDA tenant apartment.

Can I claim the OOA payment if I provide a room and not a separate apartment?

Unfortunately, you cannot claim OOA funding without building a separate OOA apartment. When OOA funding is provided, the OOA apartment must be a full apartment, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, living and bedroom.

Is a studio-style apartment fit for OOA?

Under the SDA rules, a studio apartment cannot be used for an OOA apartment; it must be a full apartment as described above.

Where does the OOA apartment need to be located?

In fully accessible and high physical support dwelling types, the OOA apartment must be on a level that is accessible to the participant.

How do you fund your SDA build, including an OOA apartment?

When looking to build an SDA dwelling under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, regardless of the design category or whether an OOA apartment is required, the funding is as unique as the dwellings themselves. To discuss the unique lending requirements for your SDA build, contact NDIS Loan Experts.

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